Harvey and Niese and Pray for Rain

Matt Harvey can't carry the pitching staff by himself

Matt Harvey can’t carry the pitching staff by himself

The original saying is “Spahn and Sain and Pray for Rain” was named for the 1948 Braves pitching staff, in regards to their two aces, Warren Spahn and Johnny Sain, followed by an average staff. It was immortalized in a poem written by sports editor Gerald V. Hern:

“First we’ll use Spahn,

then we’ll use Sain.

Then an off day,

followed by rain.

Back we’ll come with Spahn,

followed by Sain.

And followed,

we hope,

by two days of rain.”

Now, “Harvey and Niese and Pray for Rain” may not have the same ring to it, but it does have the same amount of merit with the early season woes by the rest of the Mets pitching staff. Harvey and Niese have separated themselves from the rest of the staff early on, as both seem poised for big season’s, but it’s what behind them that has Mets fans worried. After the debacle the past two days in Philly, Dillon Gee surrounding 7 runs in 3 innings, followed Jeremy Hefner allowing 5 runs in 3 innings, the Mets have to be concerned with the depth in their staff.

Coming into the season, the starting rotation was supposed to be a strength of the Mets, with a solid starting five and young arms such as Zack Wheeler and Rafael Montero waiting in the wings. But, all of that has quickly changed, with Johan Santana requiring season ending surgery and Shawn Marcum back to being his old injury plagued self, it left the Mets scrambling. Jeremy Hefner and Aaron Laffey, were tapped to fill these two voids in the starting rotation. These aren’t exactly the names the Mets, nor their fans were hoping to see pitch this season.

These voids in the rotation have fans eagerly awaiting the promotion of Zack Wheeler, who was sent down for “fine tuning reasons.” But all fans are well aware of the organizations financial troubles in recent years, we realize he is solely down in Triple-A right now to delay his arbitration eligibility. Although I am not entirely against this thought process, once this date has passed, Wheeler must be added to this rotation. The Mets will only be able to go so far off of the arms of Matt Harvey and Jonathon Niese, even if this team isn’t quite ready to contend, the time is now for their young rotation to take form and gain experience together in hopes of turning this franchise back to its winning sooner rather than later.


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