Roger Clemens Son Pitched Against the Yankees Last Night…”Oh My Goodness Gracious”

Roger Clemens standing by his son Paul's side during interviews

Roger Clemens standing by his son Paul’s side during interviews

Last night as I was flipping back and forth between the Knicks game (my god was that awful) and the Yankee game I noticed that Roger Clemens’ son, Paul, was on the mound for the Astros. The first thing that popped into my mind was “Oh my goodness gracious, of all the dramatic things..” as I recalled Suzyn Waldman’s now infamous call of Roger Clemens announcing his return to the Yankees several years ago from George Steinbrenner’s box.

I was well aware that his son was on the Astros, but I was  not even thinking about the possibility of him pitching at Yankee stadium until I saw him on the mound. What angered me the most about this was I was not able to get to a radio in time to listen to what Suzyn Waldman said as Paul took the mound. Waldman will most likely be most remembered for this dramatic, over the top call of Clemens return. I quote her any chance I get to a Yankee fan, it’s one of those moments that will always make me laugh every time I think about it. Listen to her call here: “Roger Clemens is in George’s box…


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