Alex Rodriguez is set to begin rehabbing…no peeking allowed

Media scenes like this are what the Yankees are hoping to avoid

Media scenes like this are what the Yankees are hoping to avoid

Alex Rodriguez has been cleared to start baseball activities and is expected to arrive in Tampa today. The Yankees also happened to send out this press release today:

“As a reminder, please note that the practice fields at the Himes Complex in Tampa will be closed to all media and fans for all workouts/rehab assignments being conducted at the facility.

Our security has been instructed to cordon off one side of the sidewalk leading into and out of the facility for media use only. Fans will not be permitted in this designated media area.

Extended spring games held at the Himes Complex are open to the public. Access to the facility will occur shortly before first pitch of each game. Media covering extended spring games will be given a designated area from which to watch games.”

Coincidence? I think not. This is probably for the best as the Yankees do not need any distractions on their hands from A-Rod. It will be interesting to see how he handles the ongoing investigation of the allegations that he purchased incriminating documents from the Miami Biogenesis clinic. Despite the private work outs, we all know A-Rod will find his way in the headlines some how.  I wonder if he will be staying in Derek Jeter’s newly built $12.5 million dollar house located nearby.


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