Terry Collins Didn’t Do Himself Any Favors By Calling Out The Fans

Terry Collins

Terry Collins didn’t do himself any favors by calling out Mets fans

Terry Collins is not helping his cause by calling out the fans. The Mets are off to an awful start and Collins is sitting in a lame duck coaching position. I don’t want to put the entire blame on the shoulders of Collins because frankly, this just isn’t a good team and wasn’t expected to be one.

More and more I feel that Terry has reached his boiling point as it has to be frustrating realizing that he simply cannot win with this team. The Mets keep finding ways to lose and the players are not even playing up to the little expectations they had. It is a pretty safe assumption to make that Collins will be the fall guy, right or wrong, at year’s end.

He has never had a chance to coach a competitive team with the Mets but he has also been unable to get the most out of what he has had to work with. I think overall the fan base has been kind to Collins, hoping he is given a chance to continue to coach this team as they rebuild. But his recent remarks have surely lost him supporters now. This is what he said after being asked once again about the situation involving Jordanny Valdespin and his support, or lack of, by Collins and his teammates:

“I don’t answer to fans,” said Collins, “They don’t play this game. They have no idea what goes on. They have no idea what goes on in there. They have absolutely no idea what it means to be a professional teammate at this level.”

You have to realize how angry and disappointed Mets fans have been for the last several years now. The last thing we need to be hearing is that our own manager is calling us out now. As if we weren’t dealing with enough having to watch this pathetic early season performance, now we have to the managers telling us we don’t understand the game.

Personally, I don’t take his remarks to heart. I realize he was probably caught up in the moment and his frustration got the best of him, but it is never okay to question the intelligence of your fan base. When the team is playing as poorly as they are you have to realize these type of stories simply don’t go away. Even if this wasn’t what he truly meant by his comments, it won’t matter, the damage is done already and many won’t buy into any apology Collins and the Mets come up with.

A crucial part to being a manager in New York is the ability to handle the media. I would say Collins has fared well in this department, never really making headlines for the wrong reasons. We have all heard of Collins history with Houston and Anaheim, where he was known to lose his cool from time to time. For the most part he seems to have put that behind him and has controlled himself with the Mets, but these latest comments sound like something from his past.

He will not be brought back next season because of the results on the field, that’s for sure, and without any real support from the fan base to go with it, it could very well just be Terry’s time to go.


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