Daniel Murphy Should Not Be Hitting Lead Off

Daniel Murphy should stay put in the 2-3 spot in this line up

Daniel Murphy should stay put in the 2-3 spot in this line up

Daniel Murphy has seen his spot in the line up change seemingly everyday since he emerged in 2008. Murphy has hit just about everywhere in the line up over the past few seasons in an attempt to fill whatever holes the Mets have had. Despite hitting mostly in the 2-3 slots this year, it appears this is happening once again as he was put in the lead off spot yesterday.

The Mets offense has struggled, to say the least, this season and no one has been able to take control off the lead off slot. Yesterday, Terry Collins decided to try something different and slot Murphy in there. The move did pay off, for one day at least, as Murphy hit the game winning home run in the 8th inning. That’s all well and good but I still feel Murphy is best suited in the middle of this line up. This might be too traditional of a thought, but I still view lead off hitters as players who have above average speed with the ability to steal bases and have little to no pop in their bat. Most of which I would not associate with Daniel Murphy.

The two proven hitters on this team are David Wright and Daniel Murphy. I have always felt that these two are perfect to go back-to-back with one another. I am fine with that either coming in the 2-3 or the 3-4 spots in the line up, either way I just feel it is important to have our two best hitters batting together. Murphy is capable of hitting in the lead off spot but is best suited to be hitting in a position where he can hit and run, put the ball in play and drive in runs.  He might not hit a ton of home runs but he does have a bit of pop in his bat as he hit 40 doubles just last season.

With so many unknowns on this roster, Murphy seems to be one of the few players I would like to see staying with this team going forward. He has worked himself into a more than respectable second baseman and has proven he can hit at this level. I think hitting directly in front of David Wright for a full season will only help improve Murphy’s numbers. If we would stop tinkering with his spot in the line up that would allow him to just focus on hitting and not think so much, which tends to be a problem of his from time-to-time. Now let’s just hope we can patch together another 6 hitters to go with Murphy and Wright in the line up.


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