Reality Check For The Mets


Yesterday’s game was a typical “trap game” that we hear about so often in sports. They occur when teams are coming off emotionally high victories and play weaker teams they are expected to beat next. It’s common for a bit of a hangover to occur as teams let down their guard and lose games they are not supposed to. Unfortunately for the Mets, they are not in a position to suffer such a hangover and cannot afford loses like last nights to the Marlins.

The Mets dropped the series opener by a score of 5-1. Shawn Marcum pitched great through the first 6 innings but fell apart in the 7th. He didn’t get much help however as the offense showed very little signs of life throughout the game. They clearly looked drain coming off their 5-game winning steak and sweep of the Yankees. It was noted that the Mets celebrated mightily on the plane ride, which arrived very late, down to Miami. I’m all for them celebrating, this team needed/deserved it for what they accomplished the last week. But with just one lose to the Marlins they have quickly come off of that cloud they were floating on.

Things won’t get much easier today as they face the Marlins young ace, Jose Fernandez, while the Mets will be putting Collin McHugh on the mound for his first start of the year. McHugh, is giving the Mets a spot start in the absence of Jonathon Niese who is skipping a start due to injury. He recently made headlines for a controversal tweet poking fun at the Yankees after the sweep was completed. The tweet would have been fine, coming from any player who played a significant role in the series, but McHugh never made an appearance in the four games. Lets hope he makes headlines for his performance on the field this time around.

This is a series the Mets need to quickly bounce back and win. If the Mets plan on making any sort of run this season they have to take care of business against teams like the Marlins. They can ill afford to struggle against teams of this caliber. Today will be a tough pitching match-up but the offense needs to wake up and carry them through this game heading into Sunday which is Matt Harvey Day.



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