The Mets Quickly Go From The Highest Of Highs To The Lowest Of Lows

It was a rough week for Mets fans to deal with

It was a rough week for Mets fans to deal with

The Mets pulled off a move this week that only the Mets could do. After riding high coming off of a 5-game winning streak, that including a sweep of the Yankees, they end it by getting swept by the last place Marlins of all teams this weekend. The Marlins have only 16 wins on the season and 6 of those have come against the Mets. All of the momentum they were riding on and hope that they had regained from the fan base was quickly washed away.

Heading into the series on Friday, I think deep down everyone feared for the worst as it sounded too good to be true. It appeared the Mets were handed a gift, due to face the last place Marlins during a winning streak. The opening game on Friday night had trap game written all over it, The Mets plane got in late to Miami and it was reported the Mets celebrated their Yankee sweep the whole way down. This doesn’t make Friday nights loss acceptable, I can at least understand it coming off such an emotional week, I can give a LITTLE bit of leeway for that loss. But losing the next two games and getting swept? Completely unacceptable.

This series was down right embarrassing. It’s unbelievable what a difference just a few days can make. You couldn’t walk by a Mets fan who didn’t have a smile on their face with a 5-game winning streak and sweep of the Yankees. Now, after being swept by the Marlins, you are left saying to yourself “same old Mets.” They just looked lost out there all weekend. There was no life or fight in this team as they went away quietly.

Yesterday looked like the Mets were going to salvage at least one game in this series with Matt Harvey on the mound. Unfortunately for the Mets, Harvey picked a terrible time to throw his worst outing of the year. Harvey was only able to last 5 innings and allowed 4 runs. This lose cannot be pinned on him however, after struggling early he was able to battle his way through 5 innings and gave them all that he had and still put them in a position to win. The offense battled back and took a 6-4 lead when he left the game in the fifth. But quickly the wheels fell off as the team crumbled in his absence and dropped the game 11-6 to complete the sweep.

Today the Mets have a much-needed off day. It’s time for the Mets to think about what they just went through this week. They have just felt the highest of highs and lowest of lows in just a week. You have to wonder if the Mets really did stoop down to the Marlins level this weekend or was it just a reality check of who this team really is this year. I like to think they are something in middle between that sweep of the Yankees and being swept by the Marlins. Terry Collins needs to get this team back on track and quickly. The Marlins come into town next weekend as the Mets will have a chance quickly to avenge this past series.



  1. Perry L. Schneider (@perryfbcoach)

    like what you have to say. I wonder why everyone focuses on the mistakes of the Minaya regeme and does not address the fact that due to wilpon’s involvement with Madoff he just does not have enough money to run a team in new york. They would be much better i.e. if they were able to sign Bourne he would have stabilized outfeild and batted lead off. ,but even though he wanted just 12 million wilpon could not afford it. I can go on and on, but wilpon is the main problem. Alderson is a competent GM collins makes mistakes like most managers do its just magnified more . A new commisioner could force a sale of the team I am sure thier would be many buyers. Perry

    • treilly8

      I agree with you. I put the majority of the blame for the Mets current state on the Wilpons. Minaya’s regime certainly set this franchise back a step, but clearly a lack of funds from the Wilpons prevented us from making quick mistakes.

      I think Alderson has us on the right path with young pitching on the way. But until we go out and add a few more bats its hard to tell if he has ownerships full commitment to putting a winning team out there.

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