Yankee “Game” Should Not Have Been Played Last Night

Fans sat through rain delays for only 5 1/2 innings of play

Fans sat through rain delays all night before the game was ultimately cut short

Last night the Yankees lost 3-0 to the Red Sox, despite only playing 5 1/2 innings. The night was filled with rain delays before finally be called after passing the 5 inning mark to make it an official game. My biggest issue is that there was no reason to try to squeeze this game in.

It’s not like this is the only trip the Red Sox will be making to the Bronx this year. They will be back September 5th-9th and a double-header could have easily been scheduled for one of those days. I realize double-headers have gone out of fashion, mostly because owners prefer to sell tickets to two games rather than 1, but I feel this would have been the more appropriate approach given the weather situation. I would much rather wait for a chance to play a full game rather than squeeze in half of one for what was most likely TV demands due to being ESPN’s Sunday Night game of the week. From a business stand point I understand it, but I don’t have to agree with it.

Baseball is the only sport that can be stopped in the middle of the action and still be considered an official game. Just imagine officials stopping a football game at half time and announcing that whatever the score is at that point would be the final score. That would never happen, nor should it.

It’s the constant travel throughout the course of the season, with very few off days mixed in, that make scheduling so difficult in baseball. That is why such a rule is in place, to ensure they get as many games in as possible. I understand all of the logistics that have to be taken into consideration, but why was it decided that 5 innings would be the official game mark? Why not say 7? At least at the point you can justify that the game is close to being over. At 5 innings, you still have half of a game left to play where anything can happen.

The other detail that really bothered me from last nights game was that the Red Sox turn at bat in the 6th inning counts towards official scoring. Despite the fact that the game was called right before the Yankees hit in the bottom half of the inning, which would make it an incomplete inning since the Yankees are the home team, those numbers still counted since the Red Sox were already ahead. I have no idea why this rule was recently put in place. Are the players really that vain that we need to ensure each hit may still count regardless of the inning being completed or not? I just found that to be completely unnecessary.

Nonetheless, the game was ruled official and the Yankees dropped the series to the Red Sox. Nothing is going to change that nor do I see any changes being made to the rules any time soon.


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