Hard-Luck Harvey

#HarveyDay hasn't had the same feel to it as of late

#HarveyDay hasn’t had the same feel to it as of late

Matt Harvey suffered his first loss of the season yesterday as the Mets fell 2-1 to the Cardinals. He was fantastic, but was once again given no run support. Harvey went 7 innings allowing just one run with seven strikeouts. In 14 starts this season, Harvey is 5-1 with a 2.04 era. It’s been roughly a month since Harvey last earned a win and is only 1-1 in his last 10 starts.

The Mets have supported with their ace with little to no run support for quite some time now. After starting the year off 4-0, the fans, and later followed by the Mets, started announcing each of his starts as “Harvey Day”. It was something for the fan base to look forward to, despite the teams struggles. They were performing at a higher level with him on the mound and it felt like you were watching a different team with each start.

Recently, every time Harvey starts you begin to think as only a Mets fan would. If he allows no runs, we assume the Mets will not be able to score and earn him a win. The moment he allows a run, we begin to think the game is already lost. It’s sad that these thoughts cross our minds now during a Harvey start. He has been more dominant than any of us could have imagined, but lately each game hasn’t felt much different from any other.

Harvey is one of the best pitchers in the game and is on pace to be named to this years All-Star team. But that still doesn’t feel good enough with the way he has pitched. He should be in the discussion to start the game, not just named to the staff. If the Mets would have earned him just HALF the wins he deserved, he would have another 5 wins and be sitting with 10 on the year. Now we still have a few weeks to go, he could easily go on a winning streak and get right back in that conversation, but at this rate with others such as Adam Wainwright already sitting with 10 wins on the year, it appears unlikely.

Each week there becomes less and less to get excited about with this team. They need to stop spoiling these Matt Harvey games and regain the earlier season excitement that came along with each start. With Zack Wheeler being promoted next week, it should provide some excitement for a short while. But the only real cure to bring some life back to the fan base is winning, after all, winning solves all problems.


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