Harvey And Wheeler Gave Mets Fans Something To Smile About Yesterday

The Mets help Zack Wheeler celebrate his first career win

The Mets help Zack Wheeler celebrate his first career win

Yesterday could turn out to be one of those special day’s in Mets franchise history. They swept a doubleheader from the Braves and were led by the pitching of Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler. The Mets have touted these two as the future and yesterday could be a  sign of things to come for this team.

Matt Harvey started the first game in the afternoon and seemed determine to take the spotlight away from Wheeler’s debut. Harvey didn’t allow his first hit until the 7th inning, as he mowed down the Braves offense with a career high 13 strikeouts. In the bottom of the 8th, Harvey put himself into a jam as he loaded the bases with no outs. The bullpen came on and allowed those three runners to score but  Bobby Parnell was able to come in and stop the bleeding. He earned  a 4-out save to end the game. This gave Harvey his 6th win on the season as he added another dominant performance to this season’s resume.

Despite how good Harvey was, fans have been waiting two years to see what they have in Zack Wheeler and he didn’t disappoint. In his major league debut Wheeler lived up to expectations throwing 6 shutout innings in route to earning his first career win. He started the game off by over throwing and missing his spots with his fastball. His curveball was off the mark most of the game but it didn’t matter. Once Wheeler was able to get into a groove it was smooth sailing.

Wheeler clearly has some command issues he has yet to completely figure out, but there is no doubting the potential that is there. He is not completely raw by all means, you see this all the time when pitchers first come up. They learn how to manage their pitch count as they adjust to major league hitters and many struggle to get out of the 5th inning early in their careers. Wheeler already showed signs of maturity as he was able to get through 6 innings without allowing a run with 7 strikeouts. I thought it was a telling sign when he was able to bear down with a man on second in the 6th and finish his debut strong.

I really enjoyed how Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler were seen having their own conversation after Wheeler’s day was done. Harvey appeared to be joking around with him and I would have loved to hear what was said. These two are well aware of the burden that has been put on their shoulders, no one can fully understand what that feels like, which makes me think these two will quickly be forming a bond with one another.

The Mets so desperately needed this “Super Tuesday”, fans expectations might be low for this season, but they want to see promise of a bright future. They received  just that yesterday, fans now have two exciting starters  to keep them interested for the rest of this year. It might have been only one day, but it was a very exciting one to say the least. The next step will be the addition of Travis d’Arnaud later this summer, he addition will give us most of the teams young core up all at once giving us something to watch no matter what the team’s record the rest of the way.


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