This Weekend Marked The End Of “Yankee Stadium South”

Last night the Yankees dropped a third straight game to the Orioles making it the first time they have been swept by Baltimore since 2005.

For years the Yankees beat up on the basement dweller Orioles. While the O’s struggled to stay relevant, Yankees fan would pack out Camden yards which many began to refer to as “Yankee Stadium South”. I used to see this first hand while I was at college in the Baltimore area. It wasn’t uncommon to see more than half the stands wearing Yankees gear as it felt more like a home game during those years.

But now it appears those days are behind us. While the Yankees have quickly aged and have been struck hard by the injury bug this season, The Orioles years of rebuilding have finally begun to pay off. Their youthful and talented squad has overtaken the Yankees in the standings and seem to have a bright future ahead of them.

This weekend felt like the pendulum has shifted the other way now between these two. Granted the Yankees roster is a shell of what it was projected to be, but it was rather clear this weekend that these teams are going in two different directions. The O’s should only get better with their young core, while the Yankees are struggling to get their aging veterans back on the field.

There was a clear crowd of orange in the crowd this past weekend with the usual sight of Yankee caps missing from the crowd. It started last season as the Orioles made a late season surge to play their way into a ALDS game 5 with the Yankees. The Yankees were able to win that elimination game but this year they have been bypassed in the standings and made a statement this weekend.

The Yankees will be have a tough time rebuilding with the money they already have committed and the front offices effort to get below the luxury tax threshold. It appears the days of Yankees dominance are behind us, now it’s a question of whether they will be able to keep up with the likes of the Orioles in the near future.



  1. Anonymous

    umm…hello….the O’s beat the Rangers in the wild card elimination game and lost to the Yankees in game 5 in the next round.

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