Twins Give Rivera His Best Farewell Gift Yet


With each road trip this season teams have been presenting Mariano Rivera farewell presents, out of respect for the future Hall of Famer. I think these are nice gestures and all but I feel they aren’t completely necessary.

Unless the retiring great played for your team at one time, I don’t find it mandatory that you honor him with gifts during pre game ceremonies. I always felt a nice video tribute on the stadiums jumbotron is a more than suitable farewell, with the crowd giving him one last cheer before the game begins. With that being said, I loved the present that Twins gave Rivera last night.

Rivera was presented with a rocking chair made from shattered bats. This was a very original twist on an otherwise generic gift that is often given to retiring players. Rivera has made a career out of shattering bats with his famous cutter. The chair has two Twins logos on it with the phrase “Chair Of Broken Dreams” engraved across the back.

Hats off to whoever in the Twins organization came up with this gift. It’s nice to see some creativity put into these for once. I’m looking forward to seeing how the long time rival Red Sox honor Rivera when he Yankees make their final trip to Fenway.



  1. Anonymous

    @BigAppleBaseballBlog my uncle thought of the idea!!! He works for the Twins!!! I sat in the chair and almost got a splinter !! LOL! Thanks for writing this article! Can you write one about my travel baseball team?? Our name is the Hoppin’ Hitlers! Thank you so much I love your blog! My friends and I all read it!

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