David Wright Named An All-Star Game Starter… Thanks To The Fans


On Saturday, the results were released for this years all-star game and David Wright won the vote to be the starting third baseman. Wright deserved this honor and it will be a real thrill for the Mets captain. He will serve as an unofficial host of sorts during the all-star game festivities at Citi Field.

David Wright undoubtedly should be the starter on this team. He has once again played at a very high level and is the best third baseman in the National League. With that being said, starters are voted on by the fans and has become a popularity contest more than anything else. On top of that, you have teams pushing their fans to stuff the ballot boxes, which then leads to players winning starting positions that they may not deserve.

A prime example of this would be what the San Francisco Giants fans did just last season with Pablo Sandoval. He jumped Wright by a few million votes in just the last few weeks of voting due to a giant push made by Giants fans despite having an inferior season. Mets fans weren’t having any of that this year. With Citi Field hosting the game, The Mets, their fans and certain media outlets did everything in their power to ensure David Wright won the vote.

There was a lot made out of the Mets efforts to help promote Wright to potential voters. There was the whole cougar website debacle, which was blown out of proportion and became a bit of a joke. While I’m not entirely sure it was that bad of an idea to begin with, at worst it became a national story and I guess can fall under the “any publicity is good publicity” saying. Overall I felt the Mets did a good job with their #VoteWrightNow campaign as it was all over social media outlets and the stadium. Wright himself at one point asked the Mets to cool off their support a bit, as he felt it was over the top. I felt it was very successful seeing that Wright easily won the vote despite not having a sold out stadium crowd to vote during each home game like many others rely on.

On top of the Mets campaign, you have to give a lot of credit to the Boomer and Carton in the morning show. For the last few weeks they were pushing Wright more than any other media outlet to win that starting job. With their weekly “Sweat Shop” of female voters and All-Star bus ride to Citi field, they were a huge part of this winning effort. The show is the most popular morning sports show in the New York Metro area, which gives them a very powerful platform to promote to all their listeners. Much can be made of Carton’s antics and his opening of the church “Mets fans for Yankees” after labor day each season, but it is easy to hear his real colors as he is a true Mets fan. There passion and efforts towards the cause can not be understated.

Their partnership with Modell’s Sporting Goods and The 7 line can not be forgotten in this success. Modell’s attracts thousands of sports fans on a daily basis, making them a perfect outlet to pair up with for filling out thousands upon thousands of votes in stores. The 7 Line clothing line might be the most popular Mets apparel out there these days. The company has quickly grown leaps and bounds and has one of the strongest voices among the fan base. The 7 Line Army helped this rally along as it includes some of the most passionate fans out there. Boomer and Cartoon even recruited the calendar girls to be apart of their “Sweat Shop” in the WFAN studio, which provided some eye candy for the cause.

More than anything or anyone, the fans are the one responsible for making this happen. Every fan that took the time out of their day to vote deserves the credit and will now be rewarded watching their captain David Wright run out of that dugout during the starting line up introductions. It will be a special moment as Wright is sure to get quite a welcoming from the home crowd.



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