Alex Rodriguez Is Once Again Making Headlines For All The Wrong Reasons


Alex Rodriguez is making headlines and once again it has nothing to do with his performance on the field. Rodriguez is reportedly due to meet with Major League Baseball officials on Friday to discuss his involvement with the Biogensis clinic.

Rumors have begun to swirl that the commissioner has pending suspensions for up to 20 players for their involvement with Biogensis. Most notably of those names are Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez. Both have been tied to PED’s before, Braun famously beat a positive test due to a ridiculous stipulation, while Rodriguez made an open admission to juicing earlier in his career. You would think the scrutiny these players have gone through would be enough to keep them out of these discussions ever again, but apparently that isn’t the case.

While 50 game suspensions are being sought after for most players involved, 100 game suspensions are being rumored for Rodriguez and Braun due to their past PED usage. This is about the last thing Baseball and The Yankees want to be dealing with. The All-Star game is just days away and clearly the league office will not be making any official announcement regarding this issue until the game has passed to not put a dark cloud over the mid-summer classic.

The Yankees roster is in disarray due to injuries and suddenly have a need for AROD in the line up. Their offense has been extremely anemic and desperately needs some sort of spark. It has Brian Cashman and the Yankees organization in a tough spot. On one hand, they would love to have the sluggers bat back in the line up, the other doesn’t want to deal with all of the baggage he brings along with his presence. If anything does amount to a suspension in these next few weeks, I think the Yankees will finally grow tired of his antics and cut their ties all together with Rodriguez.

The one problem I see occurring, assuming suspensions are given out, is that this just has endless time spent in court written all over it. Without any actual positive test from these players or actual hard evidence, this is bound to lead to a court room confrontation regarding any punishment. If baseball does move forward with this, and I hope they do, it better be in a can’t lose situation. It’s time to put an end to this once and for all, which could ultimately mean the end of the road for AROD in pin stripes.


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