Big Mets Fan, Literally, Struggles With A Water Bottle

It’s an off night for the Mets, so I figured I’d share an embarrassing Mets fan moment caught on film. On Sunday, a rather large man was having quite a hard time opening his bottled water. Of course once a camera man spotted this struggle, Gary and Keith were all over it with the commentary. It moment’s like this that have me grateful we have such a colorful group up in the booth as they will always find a way to entertain us, no matter what the score is.

You may remember earlier in the season a Mets fan was caught stumbling down a row of seats, presumably drunk from the looks of things. I’m not sure which one of these I find more embarrassing. I am leaning towards the bottle water guy, as it is much harder for a man of his stature to explain how he was unable to open something even the weakest of individuals are capable of. At least the drunk guy can blame it on the beer.

With roughly two months to go in the season, lets see if there is a fan out there capable of topping these two before the season is done.


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