A-Rod Returns

After months and months of speculation regarding Alex Rodriguez’s return, he finally stepped on a major league field last night. A-Rod made his season debut in spite of being suspended for over 200 games for his PED involvement. Rodriguez is appealing his suspension, which enables him to play until the arbitration process has been completed.

I am pleased that an official suspension has FINALLY been handed down, it’s about time. It was a given that this would only be the beginning however, as you just knew A-Rod would not go away silently. In a way, its great that he didn’t accept any sort of plea deal. Unlike Ryan Braun, whose case details will never be released to us, we should get to hear Rodriguez’s full story. The fact that baseball has forgone its 50 game suspension for a first time offender means they must have the goods on him going several years back.

I realize the Yankees are in desperate need for any bit of offense right now, which A-Rod is certainly capable of providing, but I hope Yankee fans will mostly prefer not to see him on the field at all. If you are a real baseball fan, I don’t know how you could possibly cheer him on, no matter what the circumstances. He represents everything that has been wrong with this game for quite some time and I hope this suspension helps end his career, sooner rather than later.

The fans booed him tonight in Chicago, but I could actually hear some scarce cheers mixed in. I hope he really hears it during each road trip he is able to make going forward. It will be interesting to see how the fans react when he returns to Yankee Stadium on Friday night. I hope he gets one of those famous “Bronx Cheers” as a nice warm welcoming.


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