Chelsea Handler rips into AROD, but does anyone really care?

chelsea-handler (1)

Comedian and late night talk show host Chelsea Handler made headlines by ripping apart Alex Rodriguez on the Howard Stern show yesterday. I’m not really sure how this all came about, but it has caused quite a stir.

Handler, was presumably on the Stern show to promote her new book, her E! television show or something else that I care very little about, but instead AROD became the focal point of conversation. I guess he was used as a punching bag on her show for plenty of easy laughs, just like every other comedian has been doing for the last several years. There isn’t a much easier target than Rodriguez these days, who has provided us all with endless opportunities to put him on the butt end of our jokes.

Apparently AROD took it upon himself to approach Handler in an attempt to smooth things over  at a party they both were attending.

In which she allegedly responded with “Get away, you’re disgusting,” Handler said “You’re gross.”

Rodriguez, according to Handler, responded, “Why am I gross? We got off on the wrong foot. I read all of your books. I’m a big fan.” 

Handler claims she replied, “I don’t know why you’re a big fan. I think you’re a fucking asshole.” Handler added that she doesn’t like the way Rodriguez conducts himself, saying he is “a buffoon.” She also said a personal assistant to A-Rod e-mailed her to set up a meeting between the two, and she replied, “Pass.” 

I mean, alright, good for her. I guess. But does anyone truly care about this confrontation? She is well-known for her outspoken personality and no holds barred comedy routines, but not very much for her coverage of the sporting world. AROD has been taking blows from seemingly everybody these days, from the commissioner’s office, his fellow players, comedians and just about every other media outlet in this country, I don’t see why this is so special.

If this helps Handler sell more books or increase her ratings, more power to her, but unless you have a whole chapter in your new book about AROD, who cares? Maybe she could give us her fantasy baseball thoughts while she’s at it. As much as I dislike him, these remarks and stories have grown old on me. I’m glad we can both agree on our hatred of Rodriguez, but find something new to talk about. You’re only helping to keep him in the spotlight by mentioning his name on a show as powerful as Howard Sterns, the world’s a better place without AROD in the headlines.


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