Heading down to Port St. Lucie for a few days

Looking forward to the sun and Mets baseball

Looking forward to the sun and Mets baseball

I will be heading down to Port St. Lucie this afternoon for a few days of Mets spring training action. For anyone that has never done this before, you’re missing out. First off, the 75-80 degree weather sure beats the hell out of what we have been seeing here in NY. Secondly, it’s just a pleasant atmosphere to watch a spring training baseball game.

The results don’t matter, you simply can sit back enjoy the games. There isn’t as much noise or distraction, you can really hear the crack of the bat, infield chatter and words of encouragement coming from the bench. You don’t really deal with the unruly fans yelling obscenities or with the guy who feels the need to start “The Wave” every other inning. Plus, you can watch all the action from a Tiki Bar, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Not sure if there is a better place to watch a baseball game from than a Tiki Bar

Tradition Field Tiki Bar

I was disappointed in the news that Noah Syndergarrd will be throwing today, since I will miss that game, but I’m excited to see the other young arms in camp. Hopefully Wilmer Flores will play some shortstop for one of these games, as I’m anxious to see if he’s up for the task. David Wright and Daniel Murphy have begun to play again, which is always a plus to see my two favorite players in action. Ike David and Lucas Duda should both be returning as well, I expect to see maximum effort out of these two as there are only a few short weeks left in this first base competition.

I don’t think I will be really blogging while I am down there, but I will be tweeting during Sunday, Monday and Tuesday’s games. Follow along with me for my game observations and mildly amusing humor @NyBaseballBlog 



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