Yankees rising executive leaves for the MLS?

Will Kunz is seen seated between GM Brian Cashman and Manager Joe Girardi (Photo courtesy ESPN)

Will Kunz is seen seated between GM Brian Cashman and Manager Joe Girardi (Photo courtesy ESPN)

In an ESPN article that I had to read twice to believe, the Yankees announced Will Kunz, Manager of Scouting, will be leaving the Yankees. Kunz, who isn’t even 30 yet, has risen to a prominent position with the most prestigious franchise in all of sports. His reason for leaving? The MLS came calling.

Now I can’t EVER imagine leaving a high-ranking job with a professional baseball team, let alone the Yankees, for a professional soccer league. Granted the league is growing, with popularity rising at a moderate rate in the states. But soccer is not baseball in America, it may be “the worlds game”, but it will always rank towards the bottom of the barrel here.

Brian Cashman had a few choice words for Kunz’s before he official announced his departure. “He is an extremely talented guy,” said Cash “He had a seat at the table” referring to his prominent position. It is well-known that Kunz had Cashman’s ear and was involved in many of this off seasons moves made. You would think a star rising in the organization like that would be on the fast track to even greener pastures in professional baseball. But it appears there was something he wanted even more than this.

Kunz accepted the position as Director of Player Relations with the MLS. “It was the one opportunity outside of baseball that would make me leave here,” Kuntz said.

At the end of the day, will this have any real effect on the Yankees? No, probably not. I just found it interesting to hear of someone making a move like this. But after all this was HIS dream, but mine.


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