Ike Davis Saves The Day And Maybe His Job

davis duda

Well, the first baseman discussion certainly got even more interesting this afternoon. A day after Lucas Duda was the hero with 2 home runs, Ike Davis came to the rescue with a walk-off grand slam.

In his post game press conference, Terry Collins stated Ike Davis would be the starting first baseman tomorrow. Meanwhile, just yesterday it was reported that the Mets had made a decision and Lucas Duda would be the teams starter for an extended period of time. Although he claims he was going to give Ike the start from the get-go, I find that hard to believe.

In my opinion, this is a case of what have you done for me lately? And frankly, I’m okay with that. It’s about time these guys are being held accountable and realize they are just a bad game away from being replaced. Duda looked clueless at the plate today, going 0-4 with 3 strikeouts. While Ike came through in the clutch and earned himself a start tomorrow that could ultimately lead to saving his job in the long run. At this rate, I don’t care who the starter is, just as long as someone is producing from the first base position.

Watch Davis’ walk-off grand slam:




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