Bobby Parnell to undergo Tommy John surgery…Is anyone really surprised?

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See ya in 2015, Bobby Parnell (Photo courtesy of

In the least surprising news of the Mets season so far, it has been decided that Bobby Parnell will undergo Tommy John surgery. Parnell, shortly after blowing the save on opening day, began to complain of pains in his arm. Initial reports were that Parnell was to rest for a few weeks and there would be a 50/50 chance that surgery would be required to repair a partial tear.

Honestly, I can’t imagine there was a single Mets fan shocked once the news of surgery was announced. Anytime we hear the word “surgery” mentioned as a possibility for a Mets players, we all know how that will ultimately end. It doesn’t matter what the odds are, we will expect the worst, it’s just our nature.

The Mets did make this announcement at quite a convenient time. A statement was released just before 8 o’clock last night, right around Sunday night TV time. Judging by my twitter feed, this was quickly an afterthought as WrestleMania (It’s okay to admit it) and Game of Thrones stole all the headlines. Thus making the Parnell news an afterthought. Assuming this was done intentionally, bravo, as that was well-timed.

Let’s hope Parnell, along with Harvey, can come back stronger than ever in 2015.


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