“Bronx Bombers” FINALLY hit a home run

Well it took 6 games to happen, but the Yankees finally hit a home run. I’m not sure what the bigger surprise was – that is took 6 games to happen or that Brett Garnder was the man to do it.

Gardner isn’t exactly known for his power, as he has never hit more than 8 home runs in a season. Out of all of the regulars on this team, he would’ve been the last man I would have predicted. This may not seem like a big story, but the Yankees have been known for years now as a home run hitting team. They have broken their own record a few times in recent seasons for most home runs by a team in a season.

Although I wouldn’t be too worried about this roster hitting the long ball, I can’t imagine this roster breaking any sort of records. Brian Cashman did envision a type of style change in the Yankees offense with the addition of Jacoby Ellsbury and Brian Roberts. While both are capable of hitting some home runs, they are known more for hitting the ball in the gap and using their legs. The combination of these two along with Derek Jeter and Brett Gardner have half of this line up playing a “small ball” fashion of baseball.

Watch Brett Gardner go yard here:


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