How does Bartolo Colon celebrate a great start? By doing the “Truffle Shuffle”

Bartolo Colon is a role model to every beer bellied man around the world. With every start he makes, every fan shakes their head in disbelief that he is a professional athlete. Colon look like a guy that belongs in the PBA, not the MLB. Nonetheless, he continues to prove us all wrong as he continues to succeed.

The best part about watching this 40-year-old beer league lookalike, is his carefree attitude on the mound. He simply stands there and throws his pitch moments after the batter steps in the box. No wasted time here. When a batter steps out to tie his shoe, redo his gloves, take a million practice swings, etc – What does Colon do? He throws the ball up in the ball and plays catch with himself to kill time. Gotta love it.

After all, who doesn’t love a fat guy? Following Colon’s stellar outing against the Braves last night, he did his best “Truffle Shuffle” impersonation to the Mets bench.

Warning: The Surgeon General does not approve of Colon’s diet.

Watch below:


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