Jeff Francoeur Falls Victim To An Eleborate Prank

In case you weren’t aware, former Major Leaguer Jeff Francoeur is now playing minor league ball for the San Diego Padres’ AAA affiliate in El Paso. As if that wasn’t bad enough, his minor league teammates played a month-long prank on him, talk about kicking a man while he’s down.

Teammates convinced Francoeur that reliever Jorge Reyes is deaf, which he is not. To the disbelief of many, Francoeur fell for this and fell quite hard. To pull a prank off of this magnitude means the cooperation of others is needed. These guys went all out, besides getting the whole roster on board with this story, the coaches joined in, Reyes’ wife helped out for a night and even a waitress was bribed to get in on the action.

Watch below as his teammates put together an in-depth video describing their fantastic prank. Well done guys, well done.


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