Simply Put, Keith Hernandez Is The Man


Simply put, Keith Hernandez is the man.

Although the Mets won in blowout fashion last night and assured themselves of a winning road trip, the best part of the game had nothing to do with what happened on the field. Rather, Keith Hernandez stole the show with his fan commentary that left Gary Cohen speechless.

While most baseball announcers are quite boring and wouldn’t dare say anything risky on air, Hernandez is not one of them. Hernandez has made quite a reputation for himself since joining the Mets broadcasting booth. Whenever a game hits a boring point, it’s not uncommon for him to start talking about his weekend plans or give a shout out to his local watering hole in Sag Harbor. Hernandez might be a baseball icon, but he brings so much more to the booth than his game analysis.

Last night was Hernandez at his finest. While an SNY camera man was showing a couple enjoying an enormous hot dog, Hernandez took it upon himself to focus on two bigger features. The busty woman was clearly the star of this shot, and it’s hard to imagine anyone’s head wasn’t in the same place as Hernandez’s. The only difference, we weren’t expressing our thoughts on national television, Hernandez was. It’s moments like these why we have all grown to love his antics in the booth, as he is able to make any dull game into must see TV.

As Hernandez once said during his memorable appearance on Seinfeld “Come on, I won the MVP in 79′, I can do whatever I want to…I’m Keith Hernandez”  Sure can, Keith. I hope you never change and bring us many more moments like this for years to come.

Watch below:


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