“One hit? That’s all we got? ONE GOD DAMN HIT?”


I was tempted to attend last night’s Mets game, with the $3.50 ticket promo and all, but man am I glad that I sat this one out. The Mets continued their embarrassing play at Citi Field with a 6-0 loss to the Braves. This might have been one of the worst home performances I have seen since the stadium opened. With Aaron Harang on the mound, yes AARON HARANG, the Mets were held to ONE HIT! And that hit didn’t even come against Harang! 

This is the same Aaron Harang who was on the Mets just last season and could often be confessed with a guy throwing batting practice. But somehow Harang was able to put together six no-hit innings, but also walked six, which had his pitch count up to 121. At that point, manager Freddy Gonzalez opted to go to the bullpen. This didn’t exactly turn things around for the Mets offense, as they were still unable to get a rally going. The saving grace was a David Wright single in the 8th to prevent the embarrassment of having a no-hitter thrown against them at home.

After the game, I just kept shaking my head in disbelief of what I watched. The one thought that kept coming to mind was a scene from early on in the first Major League movie, when Bob Uecker reads the Indians box score in disgust “One hit? That’s all we got? ONE GOD DAMN HIT?” That perfectly summed up my emotions after the game.

The Mets need to start winning games at home and start now. No one seems to be able to put a finger on what exactly the issue is, but Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins need to figure it out soon. Let’s just hope this isn’t the beginning of some Ike Davis curse…


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