Must Watch: Bob Costas Couldn’t Hold It In Any Longer

bob costas

Bob Costas couldn’t hold it in any longer last night

In one of the more humorous moments of Bob Costas’ career, he had a little trouble holding it in during last night’s Yankee-Mariners broadcast. Costas, called the game alongside John Smoltz for the MLB Network. Fans must have been ecstatic that they had another way to watch last night’s game that didn’t include Michael Kay in the broadcast booth, little did they know they would also be witnessing TV gold.

It appears the 7th inning stretch isn’t just for the fans, but the announcers as well. In the bottom half of the inning, Costas abruptly put Smoltz on the spot asking “How are your play-by-play skills?” Before Smoltz could get his “There not bad” answer out, Costas was halfway out the door. Upon his return, he went into detail as to what occurred. Apparently in the middle half of the inning, Costas attempted to relieve himself, but all stools were occupied by the Yankee and Mariner local broadcasters. 

Costas decided he would make his best effort to hold it in and wait till the next half inning was complete. But that just wasn’t going to cut it. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Watch and Enjoy:



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