Do’s and Don’ts When It Comes To Wearing Yankee Gear

As if you needed an excuse to wear your favorite Yankee jersey, here’s one more. Tomorrow marks National Jersey Day presented by Majestic. To coincide with this promotion, Modell’s has launched a series of events to celebrate. Throughout the course of the season, Modell’s will sponsor “Majestic Jersey Day” at ballparks across the country. The Yankees will host their jersey day tomorrow night when they take on the Tampa Rays.

Here is the official statement released by Modell’s:

Friday, May 2nd marks National Jersey Day presented by Majestic, a special day for baseball fans to celebrate their love for the game. The Yankees, among other teams, will be kicking off the celebration during their home games on Friday.

In participation, Modell’s has launched a “Majestic Jersey Day” sweepstakes that began on April 21st and will conclude on May 4th. If you haven’t already done so, stop into your local Modell’s Sporting Goods to enter. It would also be the perfect opportunity to get your favorite player’s jersey to wear on Friday if you don’t already have one!

Sweepstakes prizes include:

1st Place – 4 Tickets & Food Vouchers to a local MLB Game

2nd Place – 4 Replica Majestic MLB Jerseys

3rd Place – $250 Modell’s Gift Card

The Yankee jersey is arguable the most prestigious in all of sports. If you simply use the term “put on the pinstripes,” people know you are referring to the Yankee jersey. In the era of teams having a wide variety of jersey choices, as teams seem to be wearing a different jersey every other game, that isn’t the case with the Yankees. They have stayed true to form over the years, having always been loyal to the home pinstripes and road grays, that’s it.

In my opinion, there are some Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to wearing Yankee gear.


Wear the originals and only the originals. Keep it classy, rock either the home pin stripes or the road grays, with the blue cap. That’s it, no other variation.

jeter jerseyroad grays



Never, and I mean NEVER, wear a Yankee jersey with a name printed on the back. It just isn’t right. The Yankees have never worn their names on the back, why should you? Whenever I see these, which is far too often, I think to myself they aren’t a real fan. Real Yankee supporters know better than to waste their money on these. Besides just that, don’t bother buying anything over than the original two options. Don’t be walking around in some multi colored jersey with random Yankee logos all over it. Once again, it just isn’t right.

Finally, why wear anything besides the traditional Yankee cap? I know it comes in every color imaginable nowadays, but the blue cap is as historic as it gets. I know some people enjoy matching their hat, shirt, watch, shoes and who knows what else altogether, but get a grip with yourself. No one is impressed by your ability to match all 7 of the accessories you’re wearing right now. Stick with the one and only true cap, or don’t wear one at all.

mattingly jerseyyankee hatjeter jersey with name


At the end of the day, this is simply about letting the fan base show off where their allegiance lies. Forget about the shirt and tie tomorrow, go ahead and rock those pin stripes. Just remember my rules of don’ts…


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