Dillon Gee Stopped The Bleeding

Dillon Gee: The Stopper

Dillon Gee: The Stopper

In what was an otherwise abysmal weekend in Colorado, the Mets were able to avoid being swept with a win on Sunday. Dillon Gee led the way, pitching 6+ scoreless innings in the hitter friendly confines of Coors Field.

The Mets came into Colorado riding high, going 15-11 in the opening month of the season. After exciting the fan base with their early play, things quickly changed against the Rockies. The first two games of the series were a complete wash, as the Rockies offense dominated Mets pitching and the bats went cold. In game three, the Mets offense came to life, but the pitching continued to struggle. After Juan Lagares put the Mets ahead by one run late, Kyle Farnsworth blew the save opportunity as the Mets suffered a crushing loss.

This made Sundays game all the more important. It wasn’t just that the Mets lost those three games, but how they lost them. Someone needed to step up and stop the bleeding, cue Dillon Gee. With yesterdays win, he improved to 3-1 on the year with a 2.51 ERA. The starting pitching has been the Mets strength, but do they have a real ace on this team? This rotation has been strong across the board, but none of them have taken that next level of dominating the competition. There isn’t anything wrong with that as long as they keep winning, that’s all that really matters. But when it comes time to win that one game when the Mets really need it, who is that arm going to be? Gee is making a case that he is that guy. 

Gee will never put up the eye-popping stats or light up the radar gun, but he will compete with the best of them. Dating back to May 30th of last year, Gee ranks fourth in ERA among starting pitchers. It might be hard to believe, but Gee has been as good as the best of them over the last year. I’m not sure any pitcher in baseball has produced at this level while garnering less attention than Gee.

Matt Harvey, hopefully, will become the Mets ace whenever it is he returns. This leaves a void for someone to step up and become the leader of this rotation for the time being. I see this has a nice problem to have, as you would like to see Wheeler, Niese, Colon and Gee all strive to be that stopper in his absence. But as of now, you have to look at Gee as the strongest candidate for that role. He will be looked upon to do what he did yesterday and end this losing streaks. I expect Gee to continue to give the Mets an edge every time he takes the mound, forcing the league to eventually take notice of what he’s doing.



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