Must Watch: Guy Runs On Field To Hug Jeter, Gets Speared Instead

Apparently watching Derek Jeter from the stands one last time wasn’t enough for one fan. A Brewers fan took it upon himself to hop onto the field and get a closer look at Jeter.

The amazing part from this video is just how easy he makes it look getting out there. Granted, it’s not exactly mission impossible, but you would think it would require a little more effort than this. After completing his casual stroll out onto the field, he approaches Jeter, who stayed his usual calm self.

He was able to stay so even keel because he could see the ambush this guy was about to receive out of the corner of his eye. Security served him up a spear that would make former wrestling star Goldberg proud. I bet Mel Kiper already has these guys on his draft board for the 2015 draft.

Watch and enjoy!


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