Josh Lewin will be back alongside Howie Rose

Josh Lewin will once again be teaming up with Howie Rose on 710 WOR

Josh Lewin will once again be teaming up with Howie Rose on 710 WOR

Hidden in the news of the Mets yet again introducing new uniforms and hats into the 2015 rotation, whoop-dee-doo, it was announced that Josh Lewin will be returning next year. There were questions surrounding the radio booth last season when the Mets made the move over to 710 WOR, but they made that transition smoothly with the retention of Howie Rose and Lewin.

With everything that has gone wrong with this franchise for the past several years, the broadcasting crew on both SNY and 710 WOR are something the fans can count on. Few broadcasting teams around the game can keep fans tuned in the way the Mets do.

Radio is an overlooked part of broadcasting in the other major sports. But not in baseball. Games are played on a daily basis,  fans don’t stop everything they’re doing and arrange their schedules to get in front of their televisions for a game the way many do for football games. That’s the beauty of baseball. The pace of the game and the way a story can unfold is a perfect match for radio. This is why so many of us can stay tuned in by listening in our cars, enjoy the summer weather while we set up a radio or stream on an electronic device just about anywhere we might be where a TV is not. The key to this relationship is the right voice(s) on the other side to keep us entertained.

Gary Cohen, Ron Darlin and Keith Hernandez may earn more public praise, and they deserve all of it, but I’ll take the Rose and Lewin tandem against any other radio crew in baseball. They both have an extensive knowledge of Mets history, I think I learn something new about the Mets every time Rose speaks. But what I find to be their best attribute is their ability to reach all age groups of fans tuning in. Rose has us covered for the older generation and Lewin brings a more modern touch to the booth. You never know what you will hear each game, there could be references made from ‘The Odd Couple’ (The original one), Seinfeld to Sharknado – I don’t know many other places where you will get that, and I love it.

I’m not sure what the Mets will do this offseason. But here’s what I do know – good or bad, Howie Rose and Josh Lewin will be there to entertain us for yet another season.


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