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Must Watch: Jimmy Fallon Pranks Yankee Fans


Jimmy Fallon pulls off another great prank

With Robinson Cano returning to the Bronx tonight, many are eager to see the treatment he receives from the fans.  Cano, was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last night, and we were given a glimpse as to what the crowd might be like.

Fallon has become notorious for pulling pranks during his years on late night TV, this time it came at the expense of Yankee fans. Random fans were questioned on the street as to how they would treat the former Yankee great upon his return. The fan would then turn and let their voice be heard to a poster of Cano, little did they know the real life Cano would be standing behind the sign. The faces of disbelief and shock are priceless when Cano reveals himself. Fans tones quickly change from boos to hugs.

This is the way most fans really are, regardless of the fan base. It’s easy to boo from a distance, knowing the person will be unable to single you out. But put that same fan face-to-face with their target, things will quickly change. The video is hilarious, kudos to Jimmy Fallon and whatever producer thought this skit up, well done.

Watch the video below, you won’t regret it.

Robinson Cano Returns To The Bronx

Seattle Mariners Introduce Robinson Cano

Robinson Cano has $240 Million reasons to smile


The day has finally come Yankee fans, Robinson Cano makes his much anticipated return to The Bronx tonight. In quite the role reversal, the Yankees were outbid for the prized free agent this off season, as Cano took the money and ran to Seattle.

Cano was a bit of an Enigma during his tenure with the Yankees. He was undoubtedly the best all-around player on this Yankee squad for the past few seasons. But for whatever reason, he never reached the popularity of his fellow teammates. Cano was certainly well received among the fans overall, but he never truly received the complete love of the fan base.

As much as Cano will be remembered for his sweet swing, fans will also remember his lack of hustle. Too many times did Yankee fans see Cano barely step foot out of the batter’s box on a ground ball, or make a nonchalant effort defensively, it was enough to make any fan pull their hair out at times. Part of that is just Cano’s style, as he does things with such ease and grace, that it appears as if he isn’t even trying, but there are certainly times when that wasn’t the case and he was giving very little effort. It drove me nuts watching him on certain plays and I’m not even a Yankees fan. I can only imagine what was going through the heads of diehard fans every time they saw him giving a half ass effort.  Continue reading

Joe Girardi Took His Over-Managing To The Next Level Last Night

Despite his over managing, the Yankees pulled out a win in Colorado last night

Despite Girardi’s over managing, the Yankees pulled out a win in Colorado last night

You would have thought watching last nights Yankee game that it was a win at all cost situation. Joe Girardi, is quickly becoming known for his analytic style of managing. You will often see him sorting through his binder, which is the size of a phone book, sifting through different pitching match-ups in late game situations. I am all for statistical analysis, as that goes hand-in-hand with the game of baseball these days, but Joe Girardi ALMOST out managed himself last night as he luckily pulled off a win.

For starters, Girardi channeled his inner Tony La Russa, batting his starting pitcher David Phelps in the 8th slot last night. I never really agreed with the logic of batting your pitcher 8th but at least there can be reasoning behind it at times, especially if it is a good hitting pitcher. Only one problem, Phelps isn’t exactly known for his bat. Instead Girardi attempted to justify his decision saying that because he batted Robinson Cano second in the line up, he did not want the pitcher’s to potentially lead off an inning Cano is due at-bat. He is referring to the event that you have the 9-1-2 spot due up.

First off, Cano has no right batting 2nd in this line-up. There is no reason he should be batting anything other than 3rd or 4th with this depleted roster. He is far and away the best hitter on this team and needs to be batting in a spot where he can drive in the most runs for the Yankees. Secondly, his reasoning is just down right awful, it was as if he had just come up with that excuse on the spot when that question was presented to him. It just doesn’t make any actual sense any way that I look at it.

Everyone KNEW this decision was going to effect this game some how, some way. In the top of the 9th with 2 outs and the bases loaded David Robertson was due up to bat (Robertson had entered the game in relief). Now in what would usually be a position players slot due at-bat, Girardi was forced to use a pitch hitter and called upon Brennan Bosch. He did go on to drive in the winning run with an infield single.

Great move right? Not so fast. Girardi had also pitch hit for Chris Nelson, the games starting third base man, earlier in the inning. Now entering the bottom of the 9th the Yankees were left with no infielders on the bench to step in and play third base. This forced Girardi to put Vernon Wells at third base. Wells has never played third base in his life! How was this an after thought?!? This is not the first time a situation like this has happened, just earlier this season Girardi was forced to put catcher Francisco Cervilli in at second base under similar circumstances. I would love to see where in that giant binder of his that it says this was the move to make.

I understand everything worked out great for the Yankees. They won the game and Vernon Wells even recorded an out at third, was there really any doubt that the ball would find him? Girardi has done a great job so far this season, he has the Yankees in better position than anyone could have imagined with this current roster. But he will need to tone these moves down a notch and coach a better ball game if this team is going to win games when they really matter. Girardi isn’t coaching a team that can overpower everyone on the way to winning a championship like in his 2009 team did.

Click here to watch Vernon Wells play third base 

Robinson Cano Leaves Scott Boras, Signs with Jay-Z. Wait, What?


Robinson Cano Signing With Jay-Z’s newly formed Roc Nation Sports

In what was one of the most shocking stories regarding athlete representation, Robinson Cano, dropped Super Star agent Scott Boras, to sign with Jay-Z under his newly formed “Roc Nation Sports.” He has teamed up with representation giant, CAA, who represent in both the entertainment and sports industries.  When this story first broke I was convinced it was just another April fools joke on the web, then I realized it was April 2nd and was left in disbelief by such a move.

Cano, is likely to be the biggest name on the free agent market next season and could very likely be in for a $200 million dollar pay day. Now when you stop and think about that for a moment you would ask yourself, who better to get him such a large contract than Scott Boras?  But it was Cano’s quote on the change of management that I felt spoke volumes:

“At this point in my career, I am ready to take a more active role in my endeavors both on and off the field. I am confident that the pairing of Roc Nation Sports and CAA Sports will be essential in helping me accomplish my short- and long-term goals. I am making this important decision now so I can keep my focus on helping the Yankees succeed in 2013, while minimizing any distractions for me and my teammates.”

To me, this means Cano made such a move to focus much more on his off the field presence. A player of his caliber will make his money regardless of who his agent is, but joining forces with Jay-Z and CAA, that gives him access and direct connections to the entertainment industry that other agencies are unable to offer. Before CAA ever got involved in the sports industry, they have been among the juggernauts in the entertainment industry. Time will tell if Cano has his sights set on acting? Maybe even a collaboration on a CD himself? I wouldn’t rule anything out.

What I find most interesting about this whole ordeal, is the connection being formed between Jay-Z and CAA. One thing we all have to understand, Jay-Z will NOT be negotiating Cano’s next contract. His biggest attribute is going to be in recruiting high profile athletes to sign of with Roc Nation Sports, while the likes of CAA agent, Brodie Van Wagenen, deal with contract negotiating. He most notably has negotiated the contract extensions for super stars Ryan Howard, Ryan Zimmerman, Buster Posey, Ryan Braun and Matt Cain. Most notable trend between all of their contracts? They all took long term deals to stay with the franchise they came up with, which could be a positive sign for the Yankees.

At the end of the day, I don’t foresee Robinson Cano signing with anyone but the Yankees. With Mariano Rivera retiring at the end of the year, Derek Jeter in the tail end of his career and the health of Alex Rodriguez in jeopardy, Cano will soon enough became the face of the franchise. If his off the field presence is what he wants to improve on, there is nowhere he will receive the spotlight quite like New York. Keep an eye out for Jay-Z to begin signing other stars in other sports in the very near future, not just baseball.