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Love Him or Hate Him, You Must ‘Re2pect’ Derek Jeter


Derek Jeter will be tipping his cap one last time at an all-star game tonight

Much like highly anticipated Super Bowl ads are leaked days in advance now, Nike released their Derek Jeter tribute commercial a day before it’s due to air. The video has quickly gone viral, taking over our social media news feeds, and rightly so.

A star-studded list of celebrities and athletes make cameo’s as they tip their caps, a gesture of respect in baseball circles, to the longtime Yankee captain before he steps in for an at-bat. Spike Lee, Billy Crystal, Joe Torre, Carmelo Anthony, Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan are just some of those featured.

Jeter, will start in his 14th, and final, All-Star game tonight. Much like former teammate Mariano Rivera last year, this will undoubtedly become the Jeter show. Dugouts will clear, fans will rise to their feet and broadcasters will go numb as baseball fans across the country show their gratitude for everything he has given to the game. It isn’t just his Hall of Fame credentials, but Jeters’ character that has him among the most respected players of his generation.

Watch the very well done ad below:

New Season, Same Old Mets

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Well I had the pleasure, I guess, of going to yet another Mets Opening Day yesterday. What did I take away from the day? Some things never change. Continue reading

Hey Mets Fans … Keep Voting!

Mr. Met wants you to Vote Wright Now!

Mr. Met is hanging out with the crowd at the Today Show

A few weeks ago I wrote how Mets fans needed to step up and “Vote Wright Now” and they certainly have done just that. In the latest voting update, David Wright has surpassed Pablo Sandoval for the starting third base position. The vote is still close however and the vote is far from over.

When you compare the two’s numbers it’s very clear who the starter should be. Sandoval’s stat line reads .272/8/37 with only a .312 OBP and 26 runs scored. Wright’s on the other hand is .306/12/42 with a .393 OBP with 42 runs scored and 14 stolen bases. Granted Sandoval has missed part of the season due to injury, but David Wright is having a better first half. Not to mention he is also on a much worse team which makes his numbers even more impressive when you consider what he is surrounded by.

It’s not time to congratulate ourselves just yet, as the Giants have become notorious for stuffing the ballots right before the deadline. Mets fans need to finish strong and make a final push to ensure Wright wins this vote. Voting ends on Thursday, July 4th at 8:59 and the starters will be announced on Saturday at 3:30 during a special Fox All-Star presentation show.

Click here to #VoteWrightNow